Dave O’Rourke

Dave is President of Financial Gravity Asset Management. FGAM creates and delivers Active, Passive and Hybrid investment portfolios using its proprietary Real Risk System. FGAM is also a turnkey asset management platform that automates bespoke IPS creation in the context of the investor’s maximum loss exposure. In addition, FGAM provides Incomizeⓒ, an application that features FGAM’s proprietary Time Optimized Planningⓒ.

Dave is one of the principal driving forces behind Financial Gravity’s mission to accelerate the transformation of tax professionals into family office directors.

Dave is also Financial Gravity’s defacto Communicator in Chief, and Chief Evangelical Officer. Dave brings his special written and verbal communication skills to the creation of a wide scope of educational and motivational collateral for the Financial Gravity family of companies, including videos, webinars, newsletters, marketing campaigns and professional mentoring.

Prior to FGAM, Dave was president of a $400M RIA based in San Francisco that competed on the basis of transparent and creative portfolio constructions and ran a comprehensive digital marketing enterprise. Dave was also the Chief Distribution Officer at EQIS Capital, where he built and led a team that competed against large and entrenched rivals and gathered over $2B in assets under management.

Dave has a BS degree in Business Administration from UC Berkeley and has been a key player in the successful ramp up and exit at two start up companies, one in banking software and one a national TAMP. Dave and his wife, Christine, live in Marin County, CA, where they enjoy hiking, biking, an active social life and their large and expanding family.

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